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Use Homemade All Natural Skin Care Products for Healthy Looking Skin

from: Skin Care Adviser

People always want their skin to look and feel great, and organic or all natural skin care products can certainly make their skin feel supple, softer, and smoother.

Organic or all natural skin care products are an excellent choice because they do not contain harsh chemicals that often damage skin.

Washing with a mild, herbal soap will remove dead skin, pollutants, and dirt. Many people have skin on their face that is flakey and dry in some areas but shiny and oily in others. This makes it difficult to clean your face properly because manufactured skincare lotions often make oily skin greasier while soap makes dry skin worse.

Making your own organic or all natural skin care products can solve your skin problems without adding harmful chemicals found in many commercial products. If you are allergic to certain ingredients or foods that are required in a natural skin care recipe, simply substitute it for a similar ingredient that you are not allergic to such as strawberries for cucumbers.

Making your own organic or all natural skin care products is far less expensive and safer than buying skin care products. Here are some excellent recipes for fighting blackheads and acne on oily and combination skin.

• Deep Cleansing Cucumber Mask – Mix together one tablespoon of natural yogurt and one-half cucumber peeled and pureed. Apply this to your entire face but be sure to avoid the eye area. Leave the cucumber mask on for approximately twenty minutes and then rinse it off using warm water. Using a cucumber mask made of all natural skin care products you have in your kitchen twice a week will refresh your skin and remove any dead skin cells.
• Many people already know the health benefits of drinking green tea such as its ability to fight viruses, destroy free radicals, and slow aging. Other special benefits of drinking green tea include fighting cancer, lowering blood sugar, and reducing high blood pressure. Applying green tea to your skin works great as toner. Simply steep a teabag in one-half cup of boiling water for two or three minutes and remove the tea bag. After cooling, pour this into a small-mouthed container and use on a cotton ball to tone your skin. Adding a few drops of essential tea tree oil to the toner helps fight pimples and moisturizes skin.

Making your own homemade all natural skin care products is convenient, simple, and inexpensive. Be sure to make new skin care products after a week and throw away the old.