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The Spectacular Power of All Natural Skin Care

from: Skin Care Adviser

People are always looking for new beauty and skin care products but more people than ever are now looking for all natural skin care products as an alternative to chemical ones. Today, people are getting away from unhealthy chemical products and prefer to enhance their skin using all natural skin care.

Made from essential oils, roots, herbs, and other natural ingredients, these are safe to use on your skin. Compared to going into a store and buying beauty products, all natural skin care is less expensive and does work well.

All natural skin care is a great way to look after your skin using natural ingredients such as roots and herbs combined with preservatives, emulsifiers and other carrier agents. All natural skin care products are very popular because of their healing abilities and anti-inflammatory properties.

All natural skin care ingredients proven effective as skin enhancers and used as treatments include:

• Beeswax, an all natural skin care wax found in honeybee hives, has many commercial purposes along with being used in skin care products and treatments. This has anti-microbial elements, healing properties, and is an effective moisturizing component.
• Shea butter is a natural fat, ivory colored or slightly greenish in color, extracted from the shea tree fruit by crushing the fruit and then boiling them. It is widely used as an emollient, skin softener, moisturizer, and heals skin conditions such as dermatitis and stretch marks. In hair conditioners, shea butter prevents breakage, revitalizes hair, and maintains or adds moisture to brittle, dry hair. Pure shea butter is one of the safest skin care products.

Some all natural skin care cures for acne include using coconut juice mixed with alfalfa or lettuce as a skin exfoliate, which helps remove the dead skin cells and regenerate new ones. Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture and rinse this off with cool water in approximately ten minutes.

Fenugreek leaves are another popular natural acne remedy used to prevent breakouts. Crush the leaves into a paste and then apply directly to the affected skin overnight. In the morning, use warm water to rinse off the fenugreek, followed by rinsing with cool water. Honey has many healing and antiseptic properties.

A mask made of honey applied a couple times weekly will remove the surface bacteria, which is often responsible for acne. White vinegar also works well as an all natural skin care acne cure. Use it full strength or dilute with a little water, apply with a cotton ball, and rinse after approximately six to ten minutes using cold water.